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Welcome to the Smyrna High School JROTC Bulldog Battalion web page. This page is designed to help students understand the objectives of JROTC and to find out what activities are scheduled in the current and future months of the school year.


LTC Richard A. Jeffries, SAI

   CSM George H. Nelson, AI

Updated by CSM(RET) George H. Nelson

JROTC MISSION: To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens


Table of Contents


The JROTC Curriculum

Highlights for Current Month

JROTC Classroom Rules

Activities Calendars

Bulldog Battalion News Letter

Photo's of Cadets in Action

Color Guard

Drill Team

Rifle Team

Raider Team

Cadets Having Fun




U. S. Army

Junior ROTC

JROTC doesn't fit in a textbook

What you study in Junior ROTC isn't found in any textbook. It won't be studied by any other students or in any other schools. It hasn't been taught before and it won't be taught again.  Because the subject of JROTC is - YOU.  JROTC is all about you.  You are its whole point.  It's devoted to your growth, both as a student and as a person.  Established by Congress in 1916, Army Junior ROTC has demonstrated over the decades that it works.  Junior ROTC cadets generally graduate from high school at a higher rate than the school as a whole, and principals, parents and former cadets consistently endorse the positive impact that Junior ROTC has on the school, the community and the cadets themselves.




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